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What do you get for your tuition? 

  • 200+ page Student Manual & Reference Guide

  • 4 days of training with instruction from our Cadre

  • 2 Camp T-shirts, 1 sweatshirt, 1 cap (Uniform of the Day)

  • Class Photo 

  • Graduation Certificate

  • The knowledge and skills necessary to operate as a professional Honor Guard



What should I bring?

  • Plain colored BDU-style trousers (No cammies)

  • Comfortable boots (you will be on your feet a lot )

  • Flag & staff (1 per student)

  • Ceremonial weapon (1 per student)

  • 25 rounds of blank ammo for Ceremonial Firearms

  • Dress Uniform for the Simulated Funeral and Graduation

  • A willingness to learn new skills