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The Goshen Police Department Honor Guard   was founded in February 1999, after the 

murder of Goshen Police Officer  Thomas E. Goodwin.  The original  members  (all volunteers)

 shared the desire to  "give back"  to the departments and officers who showed so much support  during that trying time immediately following Officer Goodwin's death.

     Since it's inception, the unit has been invited to participate in services and ceremonies throughout
 Indiana, serving organizations on the local, state and federal levels.  The Goshen Police Department Honor Guard has served at  many Full Honors  (Line-of-Duty Death)  Funerals, Active Duty Death Funerals, and several Retiree and Dignitary Funerals.
Additionally, the unit was responsible for training the guards and coordinating the 24-hour vigil 

at the dedication of the Police & Firefighters Memorial at the Statehouse in Indianapolis, 

Indiana  in  June of 2001; they have served the Immigration and Naturalization Service at

 Naturalization Ceremonies; The United States Postal Service for ceremonies commemorating

 the release of a new stamp and the Postmaster's General Conference ; they participated in the

  2001 World Police & Fire Games , and have served at numerous ceremonies for schools,

 churches, and civic organizations  locally.
As an extension of the desire to "give back" to other departments and Honor Guards, the 

Goshen Police Department Honor Guard Training Camp was established in 2003. 

The Honor Guard Training Camp is designed to familiarize the participants with the 

skills and knowledge necessary to properly honor and pay tribute to

   "Those Who Went Before"