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The Original five day Honor Guard school 

for Police and Fire. 


 Imitated but never duplicated.

Honor Guard interactive training in Basic

Drill & Ceremony, Manual of Arms, Flag Law 

& Flag Etiquette, Color Guard Movement,

Funeral Protocols and, Firing Party.

"For those who went before"

The Mission of Goshen Police Dept. Honor Guard Camp is to instill the knowledge and skills necessary to execute the duties and responsibilities associated with Honor Guard Details...   More...




The Goshen Police Department Honor Guard Training Camp was established in 2003.  At the conclusion of the 2009 classes, the 

camp will have trained over 700 police and firefighters from all 

over the United States in Color and Honor Guard procedures to

 properly honor and pay tribute to "Those who went before" 

The cadre of instructions include members of the Goshen Police Department Honor Guard and guest instructors from throughout the 

United States including Michigan, California, Arizona, and Indiana.